• Ready made survey pages for desktop and mobile browsers, pre-filled with best-practice questions from marketing experts
  • Customizable: Make Recommendi your own by adding your logo and company name.
  • Unique Recommendi Code (based on QR-Code) for you to use in artwork
  • Unique recy.me short code and URL for you to share with customers on your web page, via Twitter or by email.
  • Track your scores by week or month
  • Show your customer comments by date or score
  • Download comments and scores in a spreadsheet
  • Segment your customers by group or identify them individually using email.


The Net Promoter Score is the leading method of understanding customer loyalty. It’s an easy to understand metric that is used in many of the Fortune 500 companies, and was invented by Fred Reicheld of Bain, and SatMetrix. It has been out of the reach of small companies – until now. Recommendi is a robust method of collecting your customer loyalty scores and feedback.