The Net Promoter® Score is a simple metric is used to measure customer loyalty – usually a better measure than customer satisfaction as it can give a future indication of sales. It is fast becoming the industry standard. We have been measuring Net Promoter Scores for companies since 2004 and find it simple to measure, explain and act upon.

The question asked is always formed: “Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend Company X to a friend or a colleague?”. The scale is 0 – 10.

People who score 0 – 6 are called Detractors. Promoters score 9 or 10. The Net Promoter Score is calculated from the Percentage of Promoters – Percentage of Detractors. Range is -100 to +100.

Some companies that focus on customer service score 70 – 80 (Apple, Harley Davidson, Amazon). If you get above 30 when you start out you will be doing well!


The other essential part of the process is reading and acting on customer comments. You will be get an insight into your business by using the best (and least expensive) consultants out there: Your customers.